Insightful Bytes Conference

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Thanks for attending the talk, we hope you enjoyed it! This page has some additional resources you can use and the slides for anyone who wants to revisit the ideas and tools shared.

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Communicating Insight (AKA Truth Well Told)

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Course Details:

This course aims to help you give you both the confidence and tools to improve your Insight communications. As well as practical tips it provides a grounding in the key theories which underpin good communication, from which kinds of graphs our brains interpret best to the best way to build good rapport with your audiences.

Insightful Bytes presentation

// Presentation slides

This was a 25 minute talk giving three top tips on Communicating Insight. It includes how to tell a story using narrative structure, how to communicate clearly and how to make communications memorable. It also contains a lot of dinosaurs.

The Pixar Method

// Worksheet with examples

The Pixar Method / Story Spine (by Alan Kerr) is a way of using started sentences to structure your story. This worksheet includes details on this, one example and a blank version for you to copy and use.


// Books, blogs & people to follow

Stephen Few

Show me the Numbers is the classic text on designing good graphs and tables. 

Storytelling with data

Good podcast on data visualisation:

Nightingale Magazine

Data visualisation magazine – looks very cool, not ordered a copy yet but they have a great ENewsletter you can sign up to for free: 

Addtwo blog

Addtwo are two guys that run various Data visualisation training sessions for the Guardian. Their blog is great, I especially like this series on rules you can break (and when not to!)

Data Viz Project is a really cool project showing 100 different ways to visualise the same data set – it’s brilliant for seeing how the different methods highlight different stories / messages from the data.

Flowing Data is a site run by Nathan Yau who is a bit of a Data Visualisation guru – it’s a huge online resource with lots of ideas

Chartr Email Newsletter is an email that you get weekly with data & data visualisations. I don’t read it every week but it often has a nice mix of stats on what is going on in the world (mostly economic / political) and some nice ways of displaying the info.