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Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative

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Saiga antelope


// The brief

The Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative is a multinational partnership working together with an ambitious vision to restore the Kazakh steppe ecosystem for wildlife and people. In December 2022, the Initiative was selected and recognised by the United Nations as one of only 10 World Restoration Flagships, the first award of its kind, under the banner of the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

We were asked by the partners to create a website that would showcase the amazing work of this huge scale conservation project.

Bringing the project to life

// Understanding and communicating the scale and impact

The Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative

For the Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative website, we started out with a detailed conversation with the project team to understand how the project was progressing, the successes so far and how the website could play an important role in furthering the ambitions of the project.

Next we met with international partners and carried out depth interviews with key stakeholders to understand the story of the project, bring to life the conservation work and understand the different perspectives on the project. This helped us with developing an understanding of how to communicate the work of the Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative and it's importance to the project's key audiences.

An early step in developing the structure of the website was generated a set of 'wireframes' to get the overall content and narrative right. Once this overall framework was agreed we wrote the copy for the site, to bring the programme to life and highlight the impact it has had for the key audiences. To write the copy we drew on all the detailed information we had gathered from the interviews with partners and collaborators working on the programme.

Saigas in river

Creating the site

// Showcasing successes and ambition

Next we gathered media that was available from the different partners to really showcase the work that has gone into the restoration of the Steppe landscape. This included images and video footage gathered on location by various international partners and individual conservationists.

For the visual design styles we wanted to give a plenty of space to the imagery to really give a feel for the epic scale of the Kazakh Steppe landscape. We also wanted to highlight how this far-reaching project has been been a great example of partnership working to connect local communities and protect the amazing wildlife that is unique to this habitat.

Once everyone was happy with the structure, design and content, we built a custom WordPress theme and the layouts for the site. We added blogs and news, timeline of achievements and contact form. We trained the project team in using the website, so that they can easily keep the content up to date and add to the site as the project evolves.

The website has received a great deal of praise and was showcased as part of the United Nations ceremony to recognise the project as one of the 10 World Restoration Flagships.