Back from the Brink

Back from the Brink


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The background

Back from the Brink is a campaign run by a coalition of seven UK conservation charities. The ambition of the campaign is to rescue 20 of the most threatened UK species from extinction.

We were asked by The RSPB, one of the partners, to help with bringing together a digital presence for the campaign, raising awareness and inspiring people to get involved in volunteer activities for the project.

BftB - The projects
BftB - Example project

Structuring the site

From the outset, our intention was to use the amazing, but little known, UK species as the entry point for telling the story. We wanted to use great photography and accessible content to bring the conservation projects to life for an audience who wouldn't usually get involved in conservation work.

We worked closely with the project team at the RSPB to structure the projects into short sections of copy that could communicate the key information, provided fascinating facts and give an insight into the problems facing the species, without becoming too verbose.

Designing the look

One of the key things that we wanted to achieve was to create a design that allowed the images of the species to stand out. We wanted to keep the surrounding design simple, clean and sharp and give plenty of screen real-estate to the imagery.

At the start of the project we had an existing logo and colour-scheme to work with. In the page design we echoed elements from the logo, such as the use of uppercase text and the 'declining slope' angle.


The existing colour-scheme for the project was quite broad, which gave lots of options but could tend to look quite messy.


For the website, we decided to reduce the colour palette to just two highlight colours, which we used as throughout the designs. This gave the site a much more focussed look. The bold colours also worked really well for making calls to action stand out.


The final stage of the visual presentation was to give the pages some sense of movement. To do this we added in some small elements of animation. We used image slideshows, titles that fade in and animated timelines that drop in as you scroll.


Bringing them back

The Back from the Brink project has been a great success. It was featured on BBC Breakfast and has substantially raised the profile of conservation work that often goes on behind the scenes.

The website has provided a hub for news, competitions, and events. This has really helped to highlight the vital projects to bring 20 of our most threatened species back from the brink of extinction.