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Shortlisted for the Institute of Fundraising Digital Award



// About the project

Alzheimer’s Research UK have a partnership with parkrun, the volunteer-run organisation where runners can join up to run 5k for free in their local park every Saturday morning.

Alzheimer’s Research UK wanted to develop this partnership by creating stronger links with the parkrunners. As part of this partnership parkrun agreed to promote a donation ask for Alzheimers Research UK via their results email, sent out a couple of hours after parkrun on a Saturday.

The chosen concept for this product was 'Donate Your Time', where parkrunners were asked to donate the monetary equivalent of their run time.

What we did

// Methodology

Our aim was to create the feeling of a community of people contributing towards a common goal. It was really important to make sure that the site demonstrated supporter involvement and inspired parkrunners.

We mapped out different creative approaches, language and user journeys and created wireframe designs, which we tested face-to-face with parkrunners. This highlighted a number of useful insights, including how best to motivate parkrunners, how to ask for a donation and how best to personalise the experience. We then brought together the design elements from the ARUK and parkrun brands to create co-branded visual designs, before building the working pages.

We drew up a specification for an API to retrieve participant information, donation totals and comments in real-time, so we could show these on the site to give a personalised experience. We then worked with parkrun and CommittegGiving to get the data in the right formats.

We supported the seamless integration of the Donate Your Time pages with the CommittedGiving donation platform and ran cross-browser testing.

Our iterative design process - from concept, to wireframe, to final design.

The results

// Smashing the fundraising target

The parkrun ‘Donate your time’ campaign ran over 4 weeks and in that time managed to smash the ambitious target to raise £100k.

The landing page, which participants arrived on from their parkrun results email and asked them to donate, had a conversion rate of 70.2%. This extremely high conversion rate was achieved because of the personalisation of the landing page, which pulled in information about the donor, their parkrun, their run time and personal best. It also displayed comments from other donors, as inspiration and social proof for taking part.

The comments given by donors were incredibly moving and helped to create the community feel that Alzheimer’s Research UK were keen to achieve. It also gave Alzheimer’s Research UK exposure to a new audience and has grown the number of new supporters.

Donate Your Time was shortlisted for the Institute of Fundraising Digital Award.
Donate Your Time was shortlisted for the Institute of Fundraising Digital Award.