Market Sizing and Insight Review

Kidney Research UK


// How we went about it

Kidney Research UK's supporter numbers had been static for a number of years, despite the increasing numbers of people being impacted by Kidney Disease. The charity knew they faced challenges around people's understanding of kidney disease and they weren't sure where to find new supporters. We were approached to help tackle these problems.

Insight audit

// What we know so far


We started by reviewing what the charity already knew about their audiences and carrying out desk research to understand more. We read through all the insight projects that had been carried out over the past 5 years to check what these were telling us about different audiences. From our desk research we built up a picture of the different stakeholders both on the professional side (NHS, pharmacies and researchers) and the people who were impacted by kidney disease themselves or through a friend or family member.

We then held a workshop where we put everything we currently knew about the audiences up on the wall and identified the hypotheses we had about the different audiences. This helped us to understand how historic fundraising and communications had led to the charity having reached certain types of audiences.

Market sizing

// How many people might support the charity

A key part of developing a new fundraising strategy for the charity was understanding how many potential supporters there were compared to their current levels of support. In order to quantify this we created a market sizing model. We used data on the number of people with Kidney Disease and their demographics to model how many people might be aware of Kidney Disease. We based this on our understanding that people with Kidney Disease and friends and family are more likely to be aware at later stages of the disease. We then compared the model to the numbers of visitors to the website and the current supporter numbers, using publicly available data we drew comparisons to other large charities to give an approximate benchmark.

Market sizing pyramid model showing 4 levels with UK adults at the bottom and current supporters at the top.

The outcome

// How this made a difference

The model highlighted that Kidney Research had a large potential supporter base of people impacted by Kidney Disease, that currently wasn't translating into support. We presented these findings back to the Fundraising and Communications teams and determined that the next project needed to understand the motivations and barriers to support as well as help to create a fundraising proposition that would resonate with potential supporters.