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Revive Our World

A campaign for The RSPB

Over the past 8 months we have been working with the RSPB on developing a better understanding of their audiences and communicating this more effectively within the charity.

As part of this project we delivered a new 'Brand & Audience Insights hub' to bring together all the useful Brand, Supporter Experience and Insight information in one place and turn in into a really practical resource for fundraisers and campaigners in a variety of roles at the charity.

It was clear at the start of this project that the new brand hub would need to be an exemplar of the RSPB brand. We were tasked with pushing this a little further, creating a new visual style to refresh the RSPB's digital brand and set the tone for future online communications.

This was how it all started...

The campaign

// The brief

Nature in the UK, and around the world, has suffered massive declines due to damaging farming practices, pollution, climate change and loss of habitats. The RSPB's Revive Our World campaign, is calling on governments to agree to legally binding targets for protecting and restoring nature. It's a hugely important campaign and one that we have been really honoured to work on.

It is also the first RSPB campaign in the public domain to take up the new visual style that we developed as part of the Brand and Audience Insight project.

Revive Our World campaign by BoldLight

How did we help

// Meeting the brief

Concept development

From an initial brief we worked with the RSPB's campaigns team and the internal creative teams to hone the messaging for the campaign.

Initially some of our ideas focused around how people really noticed and appreciated the green spaces and nature around them during the 'lockdown' period. After some thought we decided to move away from this as the focus because the campaign will be running over the next 6 months and the messaging will need to adapt to current events in these uncertain times.

Ultimately we settled on representations of 'the future we are heading for' and 'the future we can have', which powerfully demonstrated the problems and the difference that we could make.


Visual design

The visual design for the campaign uses subtle gradients, textures and rounder edges to soften the overall look and feel, whilst still keeping the clean and professional look that shows that the RSPB really know their stuff!

We included illustrations and imagery that visually represent the diversity of the RSPB's audience and the inclusive work that they're doing. This is for everyone and everyone can make a difference.

For the campaign images representing 'the future we're heading for' and 'a possible brighter future', we used opposing pictures that people could instantly understand, or that self-evidently made the point that we need to make better choices. We wanted imagery that didn't require an explanation.

Building the campaign site

The main call-to-action for the campaign is to 'sign the petition' and you'll then get notified of other ways that you can help.

The petition has been signed by over 15,000 people in the first 24 hours.

We built the landing page and petition form on the Engaging Networks platform. The pages are in both English and Welsh language. This is where all the traffic points to from social media promotion, online advertising and PR.

The platform allows the RSPB's campaigns team to gather the details of participants and then direct political actions, such as contacting MPs, or arranging events.


Email, social, video and promo assets

As well as building the campaign landing page and petition forms, we supplied campaign assets for use on the main RSPB website and social media accounts.

We also produced the text and imagery for the RSPB solus email, the content for the follow-on journey page (5 further actions people could take) and a 20 second video for use as a website background and on social media.

If you have any questions about the campaign, or would like to chat about a campaign that you need digital support on, please do get in touch.