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// How we went about it

We have been working with Whale and Dolphin Conservation since 2013 and have helped to develop their digital portfolio and understanding of their audiences during that time.  We were really excited when they approached us to create a new online hub specifically focussed on fundraising with their gaming audience.

WDC were an early-adopter of fundraising through gaming and streaming and were looking to provide a platform to promote this and highlight some of the great ways that people support them.

Building the platform

// Getting the tone right

One of the key aspects of the project was ensuring that the website was presented in a way that was enticing to it's audience yet was easy to manage and update for WDC. A lot of work went into getting the parallax header working perfectly and the attention to detail in the animation and styling, makes the site really appealing.

The outcome

// How this made a difference

Games for Waves is a fantastic platform for WDC to promote their gaming fundraising activity.  The site was launched at Jingle Jam (the biggest gaming-streaming event in the world), which has raised over £1.6 million for Whale and Dolphin Conservation since 2016.

Please visit the site and let us know what you think.

Games for Waves - WDC