Video & Animation

Here are some examples of video and animation work we have done.

TIG demo explainer style

We have put together a very short example of a style of animation and illustration that could possibly be used for the RSPB Transforming Internal Governance explainer video.

Other examples of our animations

Marine Conservation Society
127 Marine Conservation Zones

This was a 3 minute animation that we produced for the Marine Conservation Society to promote their 127 Marine Conservation Zones Campaign. The aim of the animation was to raise awareness of MCZ's, show that they are havens for sealife and promote the need to create more of them.

Vote for Bob


This was a 3 minute animation, split into 1 minute segments, that we produced for the RSPB's Vote for Bob Campaign. The animation was used on the famous video boards at Piccadilly Circus. It needed to grab the attention of passers-by (without using sound) and get across the key message of the campaign.

Kidney Research UK
The power of research

As part of Kidney Research UK's Meet the researchers project, we produced a series of videos.

Each video included a short 'talking head' interview with a researcher, titles, mood music and a call-to-action.

The purpose of these short interviews was to show the vital research that Kidney Research UK funds.

Letter to the Future

We produced an animation for the RSPB to celebrate the hand in of their Letter to the Future campaign.

The brief for this animation was to thank supporters, demonstrate the large numbers of people who had signed the letter and encourage them to ask their friends and family to do the same.

One of the themes of the campaign was Nature's Voice calling for MPs to invest in nature.

Wake up George!

We were commissioned by the RSPB to produce a video in the lead up to a critical Government budget, calling for George Osborne to care for the environment.

Up until that point, George Osborne had introduced many retrograde policies that had negative impacts on biodiversity and the environment.

The video was mostly animated to a voice-over provided by comedian Miles Jupp.

Video title

This was a video credit title we produced for Microgenius. It uses the whiteboard drawing technique that has been a popular format for explainer videos.

Storyboarding & the process

How we work on your animation

All of our animations start out with us gathering information about what it is that you would like to communicate. At this stage we try to gather as much information as possible about the messages and audiences for the piece.

Next we work on an initial storyboard. At this stage we would look at different treatments for the animation and getting the tone right. We want to distil your message into a clear, concise and memorable animation.

Once we have your feedback we would produce a final storyboard that has detailed notes about how the animation will progress and what you can expect from the final thing.

There is the option for us to produce a basic cut of the animation, which may give you a better feel for the final version. This involves more work, but if it's a complex piece then can be very beneficial.

We have worked with the RSPB on several projects where we have been commissioned to work with internal teams to distil complex policy information into concise and interesting presentation that drives support. As well as several animations, this has included animated web content, such as the European Nature Directives and State of Nature report. For all of these projects we have produced storyboards and wireframes before building the final product.

EU Nature Directives wireframe
EU Nature Directives wireframe